Kerala Floods 2018- new strategies

Building Kerala back to the normal life is a herculean task. Kerala Church has a significant role in it along with other development players and the Govt.  For this tedious job we have to find new ways and means to mobilize resources and ensure that these resources reach the most deserving persons. 

  • A parish handhold another parish which is affected in the Kerala flood 2018 at least for a year to bring them back to normal life. 
  • Parishes can share a portion of its land to build houses for those who lost their houses or whose houses are no more habitable. 
  • A family or family unit adopt another flood affected family to restore them back to normal life by providing their physical and psycho-social support. 
  • Students of a school support the students of the school in the flood affected area by helping them to get back to their school with study materials. They also can think of providing materials to build back the study corners of class rooms, library etc. which are lost in the flood. 
  • We have models shared in media, many persons giving away their land & property for others who have lost their homes and land to build houses & flats for the flood affected. DSSS will identify the potential donors and link them to the most deserving.