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Kerala Social Service Forum is the network of the development organizations of all the Catholic dioceses in Kerala. Established in 1981 it is the official state level body of the Kerala Catholic Church functioning under Kerala Catholic Bishop’s Council (KCBC) as the promotional , facilitative and coordination body of all social welfare and development endeavors taking place under the auspices of the Church. The Kerala Social Service Forum aims at the total liberation and forward movement of the poor and the marginalized people from less human conditions to more human conditions by attaining the desired levels of human dignity and social well-being with the ultimate end of building a Just Society.


1981 – Beginning of KSSF
1985 – launched Credit Union movement in Kerala
1987 – Formal Registration of KSSF – Regd. Office at Pachalam Ernakulam
1996-  Launched the project stabilizing and spreading of Peoples organizations in Kerala 
1999 – Inauguration of AMOS Centre and KSSF Administrative office at Adichira Kottayam
2002 – Formation of Kerala State Women Federation [Dharsan]
2004 - Formulation of Regional Perspective Plan
2010-  Formulation of Sectoral Perspective Plan
2010 - Started the Publication of Dhaarin
2012- Association  of Catholic  Care Homes  (ACCH) was officially formed
2015- Formulation of Thematic Position Papers
2015- Formation of Think Tank


Sustainable management of natural resources Rejuvenating the farm sector with emphasis on promotion of bio diversity and organic farming Accelerating response to the livelihood crisis in fisheries sector Enhancing integrated Dalit & Tribal development with focus on social inclusion and accessing equity Facilitating people centered health care Partaking in and promoting good governance Promotion of gender mainstreaming as an overarching tool for empowerment Community based rehabilitation of the Persons With Disabilities


Advocacy & Lobbying Capacity Enhancement Training for NGOs Policy Making for NGOs Organization Development Process Networking Documentation Project Formulation & Consultancy


Coordination and Networking of DSSS activities Advocacy & Lobbying for DSSS Knowledge gathering and sharing with DSSS Research and documentation of the best practices of DSSS Capacity enhancement of DSSS Formulation of polices, thematic position papers, perspective plans etc for DSSS Reporting to CBCI, KCBC and Caritas India